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Scrub Pants

Alpaca Elastic Trousers Alpaca Elastic Trousers
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Unisex, straight leg, elastic waist with a waist rope, one pocket trousers on both sides and back. The alpaca fabric is very useful in every environment with its any wrinkle, easy cleaning, durable structure.Alpaca fabric is the most preferred fabric for manufacturing medical uniforms, nurse scru..
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Scrub Pants / Terycoton Scrub Pants / Terycoton
LIGHT & BREATHABLE PANTSThis scrubs pants  is manufactured from terycoton fabric. Terycoton fabric is slightly thinner than other fabric types. Especially for the summer season has a high preferred rate. the cotton content of terycoton fabric is higher than that of alpaca fabric.Teryco..
€18.90 Ex Tax:€18.90
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